777 wins the series – Wizard takes the last ticket to Stavanger

It was incredibly exciting between VOID and Wizard last night, where the winner would secure the last guaranteed ticket to the playoffs in the Telialigaen.

Here, 777, Apeks Rebels, Metizport and Wizard will fight for the honor of winning the Telialigaen for the last time – before the league changes its name to the Good Game league.

777 broke the rebels – became series winner

Two teams that were already ready for the playoffs also clashed last night. While Apeks Rebels had nothing to play for with third or fourth place already secured, 777 had everything to win. With victory, the team would not only take the top of the table before the play-offs, but will now also have the pleasure of choosing their opponent in the semi-finals.

Skade X also had the opportunity to choose an opponent last year. A choice that cost them everything when they very surprisingly lost 0-2 against Wizard in the semi-finals. It is conceivable that 777 will take time to reflect before the playoffs.

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VOID didn’t give up without a fight

Bjørnar “BFR” Fauske Røn focused during the playoffs in the Telialigaen.

Eivind Von Døhlen/Good Game

Of today’s matches, it was the match between Wizard and VOID where the tension was highest. With the last play-off place and a trip to Stavanger as a prize, the pressure was felt and the teams gave everything. Wizard chose Overpass and took the win 16-14 in a very even game. VOID chose Inferno and won far easier 16-9 on their own map. At Mirage, Wizard woke up again and triumphed 16-8.

Bjørnar “BFR” Fauske Røn was the match’s giant with 66-44 in K/D (kill/death ratio red.anm) which gave a rating performance of 1.22. Markus “markow” Otterstad from VOID was the winner of the match with 69-52 in K/D, which gave a strong 1.31 in rating performance.

The bottom battle has been decided – the second division will be decided tonight

In addition to the play-offs, there was also a match at the bottom of the table where Center Gaming had everything in their own hands against Jotunheimen. Purely theoretically, in the event of a 0-2 loss, Center would be overtaken if Infurity simultaneously won its match against Bitfix 2-0.

It didn’t turn out that way, Infurity did indeed win their match against a strong Bitfix, but Center also did the job against Jotunheimen and won comfortably 2-0 after a dominant 16-0 victory over Anubis.

This means that Skottkärra and Jotunheimen are relegated directly and that Infurity has to qualify for third place in the second division. In the second division, Statis and Krisp are in first and second place with 18 points each after seven league rounds played. With one round to go, Foxed Gaming, who played in the first division last year, are guaranteed the minimum qualification spot. As none of the top teams in the second division meet each other in the final round, it is likely that Foxed Gaming will meet Infurity for qualification if Static and Krisp do not stumble in their matches.

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