A job offer from Nintendo mentions the company’s next console and possible details

There is talk of ‘cross platform’, which could mean that the current Switch will continue to be compatible for many more years

To this day, not much is known about Nintendo Switch 2 or whatever the next Nintendo console finally ends up being called. And this, obviously, is logical since the Japanese company has not yet officially said anything about its next hardware, although I think that this 2023 will be the year in which they finally announce it, since I think that in 2024 they will end up launching it.

In any case, although Nintendo has not talked about Nintendo Switch 2, by this I mean that They have not made it public nor with a statement, announcement, trailer or anything like that. But they have come to mention it in a job offer, which is totally official. Although not under that name, of course. Still, it’s interesting to see what the job posting mentions, so let’s take a look below.

Nintendo Switch 2 details?

It’s been through Reddit where they have echoed a job offer from Nintendo quite interesting:

You can see for yourself the job offer in this link 🔗 This is a job offer that seeks an employee to work at NERD (Nintendo European Research and Development), a French subsidiary of Nintendo that supports Japanese and American subsidiaries in the development of hardware and also software. This company is known above all for have worked on emulation, for which they have participated a lot in the emulators of NES, SNES, etc, of Nintendo Switch Online ✅ The job offer mentions work on current and next generation Nintendo consoles ❗️ And the interesting thing is to see what the employee hired with this job offer will work on:

Real time rendering

High Performance Deployment

Game engine architecture

Cross platform development (cross-platform) From here it can be made clear that they want more efforts on the topic of gaming performance, in addition to higher graphic quality, for which they seek to improve their game engines. And what is more interesting is the mention that is made to develop in multi-platform, which would mean make games valid for both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch 2.

For now there is much more to know about Nintendo Switch 2, but it does show that there is less and less to see it in action. Do you have a lot of desire? What do you think of what is said in this job offer?