Arkane preferred to release Deathloop over Dishonored 3

I go from a small to a big project.

No doubt arcane began to make his name in the video game industry as a result of Dishonored; a spectacular stealth action adventure that introduced us to Corvo and one story that wowed the PS3 generation.

Following the release of its sequel, years later, Arkane didn’t want to immediately focus on Dishonored 3; so they accepted a ‘small project’ from Bethesda, he says Raphael Colantonioco-founder of Arkane, in an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun.

Colantonio comments that in Bethesda they were very sure of the viability of Dishonored 3 and, from the study, they preferred to venture into another type of game before embarking on that big project.

“Bethesda wanted us to do something. They didn’t quite know what we would do after Dishonored. Do we want Dishonored 3? We don’t know, let’s do something short and simple first. Then we’ll see”, says Colantonio about the decision to start developing Deathloop.

Likewise, the co-founder of Arkane specifies that the deathloop project began to grow over the years to become the time exclusive of PS5 premiered in 2021 and acclaimed by press.

For now, We still don’t know anything about Dishonored 3since the study is more than concentrated on Redfall, upcoming Xbox Series premiere. Also, being part of Microsoft, it is unlikely that it will come to PlayStation.

What do you think of this decision by Arkane and Bethesda?

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