Blizzard makes several Diablo IV changes after the game’s beta test

Diablo IV beta testing in March was a successful project for Blizzard. In total, players spent over 61 million hours on the beta, which led to a wealth of useful feedback.

That feedback goes into improving the final product, and this week Blizzard revealed some of the changes brought in as a result of the beta test.

The full Diablo IV version will be slightly different from the beta fans played in March.


On its website, the developer says that the most important point was feedback related to the game’s caves, or “dungeons”. These should no longer require players to run a lot back and forth through empty rooms, whether it’s to find items or fight remaining enemies.

Otherwise, the various classes have undergone several adjustments. Necromancer and Sorcerer, which were very strong in the beta, are being weakened a bit, while Barbarian and Druid are getting stronger. Additionally, boss enemies have been adjusted to make them more manageable for classes that use melee attacks.

Blizzard has also chosen to turn off the ability to reset dungeons. The developer wants players to explore new locations instead of just sticking to fixed funnels. It is pointed out that this is not a permanent solution, and the team will look further into how the problem should be solved in the future.

In other news, game director Rod Fergusson revealed that there are no plans to include a so-called “Automap” in Diablo IV. In previous Diablo games, this has allowed players to see a transparent in-game map to give a better overview of caves in particular, but this time Blizzard has gone in a different direction.

Diablo IV launches on June 6, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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