Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is on sale for less than €1 and I’ll tell you why you have to play it

It is one of the titles that I have taken the most affection for years

There are few occasions when a game falls below the euro, but these are much less frequent. when the title in question overflows with quality. This is what is currently happening with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons on the PC platform because of a discount that I would not pass up even when I was crazy. Next, I leave you with everything you need to know about this offer so that you can take advantage of it and enjoy a great game in the company of someone.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons drops its price to an all-time low

You can find the offer in question on the Eneba portal

There the game is only €0.75 ❗️

This is the link with which you can access the offer 👈🏻

The full price of it is 14.99 eurosso the discount is quite considerable. I leave you with a trailer of the game below so that you can take a look at it with your own eyes

How do I redeem a game key on Steam?

When buying the game in Eneba you will be given a steam key ✅ To redeem it, you just have to do it in this link 👈🏻 Once you have completed the process, the game it will be added to your Steam library and you will have it unlocked inside it forever 👏🏻

Why is Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons worth it?

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is an adventure game in which we can play alone or cooperatively with the company of whoever we have next to us on the sofa. The most original thing about the game is that, if we choose the first option, we will control each of the two protagonists with a different joystick, which creates situations within the game that are hard to see in other titles. In addition, it has a very well achieved fantasy setting and a plot that will stab your heart.