Call of Duty becomes a board game, surprisingly

Gamers like i board game evidently, why also Call of Duty will very soon become a board game with a production of course official.

A treatment that many large PIs have received, sometimes with great success as in the case of bord game di Bloodbornewhich you can still find on Amazon.

Recently too another shooter, namely Apex Legendsheralded its entry into the world of board games with a recent announcement.

That of Call of Dutyon the other hand, is a announcement which comes with excellent timing because Modern Warfare 2 It’s a free trial for one week.

Il board games Call of Duty was born from a collaboration between Activision, of course, and the board game publisher Arcane Wonders.

The product will come up Kickstarter soon, at the end ofestate 2023. and in the meantime we can find out some information about its main features:

“With intense combat, tactical planning, and stunning miniature artwork of iconic soldiers and weapons from the series, this game is sure to please any Call of Duty fan.”

Arcane Wonders has revealed that the game will be set in the historical period of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare of 2019 and will feature weapons and maps that will be familiar to fans of the series (as you can see on the official site).

The base game for two players should cost about $50 retailcon due set which combined together will serve to create a game of 4 players.

“Obviously we’ll reveal more as we get closer to launch, but we really feel this game captures the experience of a first-person shooter,” said Bryan Pope, one of the game’s designers.

Kind of like the board game of The Last of Us you anticipate Part III but which, we tell you right away, is a fan made (albeit excellent).

While waiting for the board game to arrive, the players can continue to debate whether Warzone 2.0 either better or not than its predecessor.