Careful! Star Wars JEDI: Survivor spoilers are making the rounds

If you’re looking to have the most authentic, first-time experience with Star Wars JEDI: Survivor, be very careful what you read on the internet. With just a few days left for the game’s launch, spoilers are already starting to roll out on social networks and could compromise the adventure of less cautious fans.

As a story-driven title, the sequel to Fallen Order should pack some iconic twists and moments. Thus, any information received in advance has a high chance of disturbing those who want to follow the facts during their own gameplay.

The attention was reinforced by Star Wars JEDI: Survivor Senior Writer in a Twitter post. According to him, seeing people releasing compromising spoilers is “really disheartening”, and many netizens will be “upset” before they even start playing.

Font: EA

Fortunately, fans of the game won’t have to wait too long to experience Cal Kestis’ arduous journey across the galaxy. Star Wars JEDI: Survivor launches on April 28 for PS5, Xbox Series and PC, and is available for pre-order on Amazon now.

Physical Star Wars JEDI: Survivor media will require download

Going against the grain of traditional physical media, the Star Wars JEDI: Survivor disc will require a data download to supply its entire length. The strategy affects people without a network connection or with less robust plans, and occurs due to the limitations of a Blu-Ray storage. Click here to learn more.