Cell Max is coming soon to the Dragon Ball Super manga

the sleeve of Dragon Ball Super is going through a transition stage, since not long ago the saga ended in which the characters faced the villain of the arc of Granola. And now, after going through a mini saga in which we see Goten y Trunks As superheroes, it’s time for the latest movie to be replicated on paper.

By now, the most seasoned followers of the saga will know that Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes It is a work in which another well-known villain of the franchise returns, and that is Cell but without the consciousness of Z. It is a new corrected and increased version that is in charge of a new professor, and that now must be faced by Gohan y peaky.

Chapter 92 of the manga continues with the next step of the Dr. A.S. Hedo pto be able to create Cell Maxa process that can be lengthy but complemented with the actions of Gamma 1 y Gamma 2. For that, the warriors we know must try to infiltrate the laboratory to avoid all this, but it will not be easy given the current situations.

For now, so much Goku as Vegeta cannot help, since they are busy training with Bills, and to that is added that the artifact to call them is not working for some reason. However, those who saw the tape already know how it all ends, so the earth is saved once again thanks to the new transformation of Gohan.

Via: Comicbook


Editor’s note: It’s a bit strange that Dragon Ball Super goes through this arc before Broly’s, but I guess those are narrative decisions that will be somewhat up in the air. Hopefully the bows in anime form will return soon.