Dead Island 2: Players have already dismembered so many zombies

It’s only been a few days that players have been slicing through Hell-A, the Los Angeles of Dead Island 2, which, as the title suggests, is overrun by the undead. Now you share first statistics.

Publisher Deepsilver revealed not only how often the Zombie calypse has now gone over the (digital) counter, but also how many zombies have been sent back to the grave or cut in half by players. Also how many limbs skillful splatter fans choppy you don’t want to keep it a secret.

Dead Island 2: Stats to die for

As the press release on Gamespress announces, Dead Island 2 more than a million times sold within the first three days after release. Against Resident Evil 4, released in Marchwhich has brought over three million copies to horror fans in the same period of time, isn’t going to get you anywhere, but it still gives you a pat on the rotten zombie shoulder.

Speaking of zombies: Since they chew your ears and arms off in Dead Island 2 if you don’t forestall them, many of them have of course already bitten the grave (again). 1.1 billion undead you seem to have already eliminated, with 45 million of them cut in two and 756 million losing their limbs in the clashes.

But the zombie flood also demands its victims: You and other players have died more than 28 million times in the fight against the hellish hordes and in more than 11 million hours of play. In the days, weeks, and months to come, Hell-A will likely continue to be stained red by the blood of zombies and their hunters alike.

If you haven’t joined the merry carnage yet because you’re unsure of what the game is really capable of: Our test of Dead Island 2 checks that battle buffet on the heart, kidneys and all other organs that are rotting away in zombies’ bodies. On the other hand, do you want your friends to mark your own demise with a suitable Themenparty in LA you should water yourselves this bizarre offer for Dead Island 2 from a British insurance company look at.