Developer Omega Strikers revealed how many characters they will have by the end of the year

Omega Strikers is an upcoming live-service, free to play game that comes to us from the new studio Odyssey Interactive. This is a 3v3 game whose action was inspired by air hockey.

In this game, players put themselves in the roles of various Omega Strikers characters and use their special powers to knock down both the ball and their opponent to score points.

The official release date for this game is April 27th, 2023 and the Omega Strikers team has shared some of their plans publicly and shared a bit more about what we can expect from the game and its development.

After several months of PC beta testing, Omega Strikers will be released on mobile devices, Nintendo Switch and PC in just a few daysa.

Unlike the beta, this official release comes with a handful of new content and better gameplay, at least that’s what the developers of this game say.

Also, they said they plan to many updates throughout the year and they’ve revealed how they plan to keep players around long after the game’s release.

How will they keep the players?

Their plan is to have 26 Omega Strikers characters by the end of the year that players will be able to choose from and become them in this game. The current plan is to every three months they release a new striker in which players will enjoy and look forward to this kind of novelty in the game.

Also, every month there will be a different event, which will have a variety of themes and content for players to enjoy. They will also be tied to seasons and periods of the year, such as Summer Splash which will be in June, and there is also a “nightmare theme” which will most likely be Halloween.

Will this tactic work for them and will it? successfully retain toys and achieve success with this new achievement? We’ll see very soon.

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