Dota 2: Huge update changes MOBA in a big way – and becomes part of the Pac-Man universe

Even numerous fans did not expect this: Valve has one new update for Dota 2 published, which changes the MOBA extremely in many places. Especially the Map is in focus, which is now much larger.

That Valve loves surprise announcements is since Counter-Strike 2 at the latest. Now Dota 2 has got it, because patch 7.33 called “New Horizons” changes quite a lot. So much so that some players almost refer to it as Dota 3.

Dota 2: Patch 7.33 fundamentally overhauls the map

In all the years that Dota 2 has been around, the map has been somewhat of a sanctuary. Aside from a few more, some less big changes, it’s stayed relatively the same – until now. With patch 7.33, the developers enlarge the map a whopping 40 percentwithout interfering too much with the core gameplay.

The patch notes state that the individual lanes are not “further apart than usual” and that all important points in the center of the map are still accessible. But there is now more trappings to discover, which allows new strategies to be developed. In addition, there are now gates that connect the corners of the map and allow players to quickly switch sides. In addition, Dota 2 now unofficially sees itself as part of the PMEU (the extended Pac-Man universe).

But that’s not all: Roshan now has two homes, after 20 minutes so-called tormentors appear, who are particularly tough, there are twelve new camps, new outposts and much more.

New hero type and more

But it doesn’t stop with the revised map: Valve also has one with Patch 7.33 new hero types a. The “universal heroes” are not set to one of the three previous attributes, but receive “0.6 damage from each attribute.” In the future, Valve will count a total of 31 of the existing heroes among the universal heroes.

Added to this in Patch 7.33 are reworked and new items, countless balancing changes, an improved user interface, an overhauled matchmaking system and much, much more. The list of changes is really huge and should take some time to internalize.

The fans on Reddit are therefore quite shocked: Almost nobody expected such a big update. For user Shagaire, this isn’t just “a new meta, it’s a bloody new game”. The conclusion of dazzzzzzle may also apply: “There can be no unfair experience for new players when everyone is a new player.”

If you feel like trying Dota 2 (again) given the big changes, you can download the game including patch 7.33 now. Alternatively, the gaze may also wander in the direction of the competition, whereby League of Legends will only see two new champions this year.