Expensive Pleasure: Why I Paid Over $150 for a Video Game Soundtrack

video games are not a cheap hobby: Indie titles always take some pressure off your wallet, but those who want to experience blockbusters on the release day sometimes dig deep into their pockets.

It gets really expensive when you also stock up on merchandise, especially when it comes to chic collectibles. High-quality figures, noble art books or elaborate soundtracks: The number of possibilities is almost infinite. Then it happens quickly that you more than 150 euros for a collection of CDs.

The Trinity Box: A collector’s item for eyes and ears

The Japanese company Procyon Studio sells the soundtrack for all games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series, including recently this one Trinity Box. The bulging package contains the full soundtrack of the entire series: All songs of the three numbered main games as well as the two DLCs Torna: The Golden Country and The Future Redeemed are included in the Trinity Box.

More than 350 songs on 20 CDs includes the pretty collector’s box, which comes in plain black and is adorned by the Trinity processor, consisting of the three core crystals of Ontos, Logos and Pneuma. Of course, the good piece is also correspondingly expensive: you want 20,000 yen for the box. Together with a good 4,000 yen for delivery from Japan, you get 24,000 yen and that’s it around 163 euros.

『ゼノブレイド オリジナル・サウンドトラック トリニティBOXã€