Favorite can lose the playoffs

Like last autumn, there will be excitement until the very end when the series game in the Telialigaen for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is to be decided. Once again it is VOID and Wizard who will go into the fire, but this year both teams have the matter in their own hands and are not dependent on others’ results.

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777 can become series winners

With their win over league leader Metizport in round two, the 777 have the opportunity to both win the series and choose their opponent in the first round of the playoffs with a win over the Apeks Rebels tonight. The team is three points behind, but will go past both on points and head-to-head with a win.

Metizport, on the other hand, is finished and has already secured a place among the top two in the series after yesterday’s victory over Wizard. The team has impressed strongly in the spring season and seems to have sharpened its form before the play-offs.

Apeks Rebels are also guaranteed a place in the spring playoffs. The team that came away with first place this autumn during the final at Spillexpo has struggled to copy last year and is currently sitting in a safe third place. The team could potentially drop down to fourth place, but since the winner chooses the opponent anyway, this has little to say in practice.

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Wizard must again fight in the final round

With three of the big four teams securing a place, only the Wizards remain who didn’t do the job last night. The team lost 0-2 against Metizport and this year, like last year, must fight to the end. again it is VOID who will try to put an end to the wizards, who are also fighting for the last place in the playoffs. The teams meet for the competition at 18.00 tonight.

André «scared» Carrillo Simonsen

Eivind Von Døhlen/Good Game

Gamer.no caught up with VOID’s André “scared” Carrillo Simonsen, who rarely lacks self-confidence.

The plan for tomorrow is victory against Wizard. Then the boys will come to the finals here in the city, and get to experience a bit of Stavanger, says Simonsen.

Large parts of VOID seem to be taking it easy with work and studies, while team captain Johann “Saasinho” Saasen may be driving a different style ahead of the decisive match.

– Saasen’s plan for match day is probably to find a gym early in the morning. After that most likely DM and Faceit grind until the match. For the rest of us, there is a bit of work and school that needs to be taken care of, but we will still show up to win the game, concludes Simonsen.

Wizard and VOID are on fifteen and twelve points respectively, but only one map separates the teams, which means that the winner is guaranteed a trip to Stavanger.

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