FIFA 23: all these modes will update their rewards in the TOTS + End of TOTW

Besides that We can now vote for the Bundesliga Team of the Season, EA Sports has just announced a series of changes related to the TOTS event in FIFA 23. And be careful because, according to what they say, they will soon modify the rewards of various game modes. But they will not be limited to FUT Champions, but We will also have news for Squad Battles and Division Rivals. Apart from the fact that the next TOTW will be the last of the year.

FIFA 23 News

Upcoming Reward Changes

It seemed obvious that they would include TOTS in FUT Champions and in FIFA 22 we were able to get some through Squad Battles as well. But if my memory serves me correctly, we did not have that option in Division Rivals. Now it is not confirmed, maybe only the envelopes will improve. But from the release, there is a hope that we can get Team of the Season cards through this mode. Hopefully it will be possible with the player pick of the Elite Division.

And in any case, they affirm that soon we will see the changes in the rewards within the video game. So we won’t need to wait long. Perhaps those of Division Rivals will be visible from Thursday morning in Spain, with the new season of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Ultimate FIFA 23 Team of the Week

Another novelty announced is that the TOTW that arrives tomorrow will be the last of FIFA 23. Despite the fact that there are still many days to finish many competitions, we will not have new IF’s again.

Personally, I think it is a wise decision. Most of the In Forms aren’t standable now, so they should be even less so when the TOTS show up (because the level should go up even more).

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