God of War Ragnarok, patch 4.02 is available: here are the news

It is now officially available God of War Ragnarok update 4.02released to fix some of the problems which still plague the title of Santa Monica Studio.

The epic of Kratos and Atreuswhich you can always find on Amazon, therefore becomes better and better for the joy of the fans who can enjoy the epic deeds of the duo.

Just a few weeks ago the title had received a new patch, 4.01which was released as a fix for another update.

The version 4.0 of the game, the one that introduced the New Game Plus, had in fact brought with it some bugs that could undermine the gaming experience, not only due to some unusual crashes and errors, but also due to the impossibility of unlocking some trophies.

Now, as revealed by the official blog of Santa Monica Studio, God of War Ragnarok will be able to enjoy another series of improvements and new features aimed at make the experience more enjoyable.

The patchnote is very long and you can view it in full on the official site, but among the novelties there are a number of hotfixes for audio problems, recurring crash fixes during fights, and equipment bugs among glitch problems and statistics malfunctions.

Even the game world has been fixedaddressing a case where Gná’s Field became available after the player completed the Muspelheim challenges, which allowed the player to become stuck.

In addition to having improved some problems related to loading on PS4as well as character pop ups and bugs related to not spawning, Santa Monica Studio recommended a fix for i PS5 save bug:

“When you import PS4 New Game+ save data to a PS5, continue playing after the initial load until you’ve created a new autosave. Once this has occurred, you can create new manual saves which will not be affected by the above issue.

Note that this manual save must be in a new slot and not overwrite your old save data. If you overwrite your old save data, that file may still experience the problem.”

In this regard, the adventures of Kratos and Atreus shouldn’t have ended here at all: the actor of Tyr has already anticipated that Ragnarok is not the last time we will see him in action.