Gran Turismo 7 ready to include 4 more cars

Now over a year after its debut, Gran Turismo 7 continue to receive updates on a constant basis from Polyphony Digital. And the next one is expected in a few days.

To reveal it was, as always, the producer Kazunori Yamauchiwho on his Twitter profile has launched clues to fans: so we learn that the new updatewhich can be downloaded for free, it will also include four cars. We are not told what they will be, abandoning ourselves to hypotheses based only on the silhouettes that can be seen in the image.

According to what was noticed by users of the ResetEra forum, it should be a Jaguar XJ220, another according to what can be seen in the spoiler could be an AMG. Instead, it is clear (even for me, ed) that two are Formula cars, considering the shape and the fact that it is possible to see the spoilers and even the Halo to protect the driver, on the cockpit.

Difficult to say anything more at the moment, but fortunately we won’t have to wait long: the release of the update is in fact awaited for next Thursdaywhen we will be able to download the patch and discover all the contents of the new patch.

In recent weeks, you will remember, the update that had introduced other vehicles had also been launched: among these we had found precisely the spotlight on the idyll with the Super Formula.

Released at the beginning of 2022, Gran Turismo 7 (you can also find it on Amazon, now on sale) immediately stood out for its great love for the world of carswith very faithful and maniacal reproductions of the vehicles – even if some choices in the driving model and in the management of the opponents on the track had left us perplexed during the video review.

Today, the Sony Interactive Entertainment franchise will become even a movie which will tell the successes on four wheels of a gamer, inspired by a true story.

While waiting for the update, we remind you that Gran Turismo 7 is available for both PS4 and PS5.