Honkai: Star Rail – This is how coins work in the new HoYoverse game

Honkai: Star Rail – This is how coins work in the new HoYoverse game | EarthGamer

They range from simple Credits to Stellar Jade as well as Undying Embers and Undying Starlight. There are also Warp Passes for this gacha-style economy title.

Regarding the credits, it is essentially the money inside the game; It is used to buy items for uncontrollable characters. Likewise, to improve heroes and heroines in addition to their associated equipment.

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Regarding Stellar Jade, it is the equivalent of the Genshin Impact Primogems in Honkai: Star Rail. These types of jade can be obtained through gameplay but they are real cash currency for character gacha banners.

Source: miHoYo.

In Honkai: Star Rail there are specific currencies for certain stores. Missions done in places like Herta Space Station, Jarilo-IV, or Xianzhou Lofou generate money that can be used in your trades.

At Herta Space Station are Hertaerums; in Jarilo-IV, Shields; and in Xianzhou Lofou, Strale. What about the passes? They are not exactly money but there are two types of these, which are Star Rail Pass and Star Rail Special Pass.

The Star Rail Pass can be used for any purpose but the Star Rail Special Pass is used to shoot at Limited Warp banners.

The aforementioned are banners that only exist for a few weeks with characters and Light Cones that aren’t always available in the game’s gacha system.

To the aforementioned we must add Undying Embers and Undying Starlight used in the Warp banners for characters and Light Cones.

Honkai: Star Rail - This is how coins work in the new HoYoverse game
Source: miHoYo.

In Honkai: Star Rail, the aforementioned coins can be used at the Embers Exchange and Starlight Exchange stores. It is possible to get Undying Embers every time a three-star Light Cone is obtained.

Using them in the Embers Exchange store can be exchanged for Warp Passes, Credits, and Upgrade Materials. The Undying Starlight comes from four or five star Light Cones.

But it is not the only way, since it can also be obtained by duplicating four or five star characters.

At the Starlight Exchange, Undying Starlight can be exchanged for Warp Passes, four-star characters, and five-star Light Cones. The game will be out on April 26 on PS4, PS5, PC, and mobile.

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