Horizon Forbidden West DLC is praised for not hinting at puzzles

Remember that controversy that happened with the God of War Ragnarok NPCs giving tips in puzzles? Horizon Forbidden West had a similar issue with a very talkative Aloy in the base game when there were puzzles. Guerrilla chose to make the adventurer less participatory in the DLC at these times and the change was praised by fans.

There are many occasions in Burning Shores where players need to pay attention to detail. The clues are scattered around the environment, in the audio files and the use of focus may not be enough to unravel all the mysteries. On Reddit, this was a positive point much commented on by the public.

According to one of the publications, Aloy has not been giving hints about the elements of the scenario, not even talking about any subject related to the progression of the missions with the companions that help her in the Burning Coast. In short, the DLC has been presenting a “root” experience at these times.

“My favorite part of Burning Shores is that the developers listened to the complaints and lowered the frequency with which Aloy chimes in during puzzle solving”said one of the netizens.

Horizon Forbidden West is patched with DLC fixes

And Guerrilla continues to make the Burning Coast adventure even better. In the latest Horizon Forbidden West patch, more performance and stability fixes have been promoted. Look here!