Immortals of Aveum offers magic warfare in the first person

EA could on Thursday unveil the first game from the developer studio Ascendant Studios. The single-player game is called Immortals of Avernum, and is a first-person shooter with magic instead of guns.

Prophecy in the first person?


The first trailer for the project – which you can watch above – introduces the war-torn world of Avernum. Here you step into the shoes of Jak, who somehow develops magical powers and throws himself into the battles.

Via the game’s website, Ascendant promises great variety in the battle system, with different types of magic for different situations. These can be combined strategically to crush the hordes of enemies waiting on the battlefield, writes the developer.

Ascendant is a new studio started by veteran developer Bret Robbins. Robbins has experience at Crystal Dynamics, EA and Sledgehammer Games, among others, and has worked as creative director on games such as the original Dead Space and several Call of Duty features. With him in the studio, he has a bunch of Telltale developers, who were snapped up after Telltale went under a few years ago.

– I am incredibly excited to finally show the world Immortals of Aveum. It’s been a five-year journey for us at Ascendant, and I’m so proud of the team and their desire to create something great. We wanted to create a cinematic and exciting shooter set in a fantasy world, with fast and dynamic battles and an epic story. I can’t wait for everyone to be able to play it,” Robbins said.

Immortals of Aveum launches on July 20 this year. The game is coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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