Insomniac asks for patience for Spider-Man 2 news

On Twitter, Insomniac Games shared an innocent tweet about music from the Marvel’s Spider-Man franchise being played during The Game Awards: 10 Year Concert. A fan then asked if Spider-Man 2 is still scheduled for release this fall, which the developer confirmed. Another Twitter user, @GodofInk96, wondered if this is an automatic reply. “I don’t know why it takes you two years to show SOMETHING.”

The developer responded with just “no,” followed by a robot emoji. @GodofInk96 didn’t stop there. “Then why haven’t we seen anything for two years? The game is supposedly coming out in a few months, but you haven’t done anything to show it.”

Spider-Man 2 still in development

“Because we’re in the kitchen,” Insomniac explains. ”It smells nice there, but we just ask for a little patience.” With that, the developer says that although Spider-Man 2 looks good, the game is not quite finished yet. That is not surprising, since we are still a few months away from autumn.

Although Insomniac keeps it at ‘fall 2023’ for now, it seems that Spider-Man 2 will appear in September. Tony Todd, the voice actor of Venom, leaked that on Twitter last month. Insider Jason Schreier, who often has accurate information, confirmed this.