JK Rowling mocks attempted boycott of Harry Potter series

Since the production company Warner Bros. revealed its plans to restart the saga of Harry Potter in the form of a television series for Maxtrans activists have tried to organize a mass boycott due to the involvement of its creator, J.K. Rowling.

Officially announced on April 12, the production company has said that the series will be “a faithful adaptation of the iconic books” and that it will dedicate an entire season to each of the seven original books. Additionally, in a statement released along with the announcement, Rowling confirmed that she would be involved in the new series, writing, “The engagement of Max Preserving the integrity of my books is important to me, and I look forward to being a part of this new adaptation as much as possible,” allowing for a degree of depth and detail that only a long-running television series can offer.

After all, while the big screen interpretations of the story of the world’s most famous wizard were well received by fans of the franchise, they barely scratched the surface of the Wizarding World and left behind such iconic characters as Peeves, the Bloody Baron. or the parents of Neville Longbottom.

However, as with Hogwarts Legacy, trans activists are not too happy with the news. As soon as the production company announced the series of Maxactivists in favor of trans ideology called for a massive boycott.

However, while the author has received several death threats on social media for her views, she was calm about the possibility of viewers avoiding watching the series. Harry Potter in Max.

In that sense, Rowling she said on Twitter: “Terrible news, which I feel compelled to share. The activists I mention are trying to organize another boycott of my work, this time of the TV show Harry Potter. Since he who is warned is prepared, I have taken the precaution of having a large reserve of champagne waiting.

Regarding this tweet, the user @ForWomenScot said: “Can we book to help you drown your sorrows?”, to which the author replied in a clearly mocking tone: “Maybe a party? (Actually, there will be a party. I’ll send you a private message).”

The problem of JK Rowling with the trans community originated when the author published a tweet in June 2020 revealing her rejection of the ideology that suggests that anyone can identify as a woman.

Since then, she has repeatedly expressed her ideology, even calling Nicola Sturgeon “a destroyer of women’s rights” when the former prime minister went ahead with her controversial gender recognition law that would have simplified the process for a man to become a man. legally in a woman.

Unsurprisingly, after her controversial statements, she has been violently attacked on several occasions by activists on Twitter. Especially since the announcement of the video game of Hogwarts Legacy and, in recent weeks, due to the announcement of the new series Max.

“Just a friendly reminder that JK Rowling she’s basically the leader of the trans genocide campaign. But hey, enjoy your precious Harry Potter at the expense of trans lives… thanks to HBO Max for showing his true intentions…” said @lokiwhoreera.

“I really hope people boycott @hbomax for this stupid series of Harry Pottersaid @quinnnoa_, adding: “No one asked for this. And surely we don’t want to give more money to that terf of JK Rowling. Cancel your account and give that money to a trans organization instead.”

True to form, some even accused anyone involved with the series, whether as a viewer, crew member or actor, of supporting the views of Rowling.

JK Rowling is an executive producer, will directly benefit. If you support the rights of trans people to exist, please don’t touch this. Watch out,” someone said.

“This JKR She’s a transphobic who is actively making people’s lives worse and she’s proud to do it,” @veearrell said. “If you are a member of the cast or crew of this series, you are guilty. Eye. Even the children. No exceptions should be made or mercy shown,” she added.

Lastly, many activists began to spread the theory that the series was only being rebooted so that the author could replace the trio of lead actors from the previous films. Since Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson have expressed opinions contrary to those of the author on this subject.

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