Joel Hochberg, former Rare CEO, dies

Sad news for the video game industry, it has been confirmed by various sources that the former president of Rare, Joel Hochbergpassed away this week at the age of 87. Hochberg was hired by Rare in 1986 to assume the role of president of his US studio in Miami, Florida, and remained in that role until the sale of Rare to Microsoft in 2002.

People say that Hochberg he passed away peacefully on April 18, 2023, as reported by the Miami Herald. His death was confirmed by the co-founder of RareTim Stamper, who mourned the loss of Hochberg on his personal Twitter account. “Joel changed the course of history, buying us our first Nintendo Famicom system on one of his many trips to Japan,” Stamper recalled.

Joel Hochberg
1935 – 2023
President of Rare Coin-it Inc, Miami and former Director of Rare Limited, Twycross.
Joel changed the course of history, he bought us our first Nintendo Famicom system on one of his many trips to Japan. #RestInPeace #RareLtd #Nintendo #XboxGameStudios

— Tim Stamper (@InTimsWorld) April 20, 2023

Hochberg he leaves a wife of 61 years, Marcia; and his children, Eileen and Scott; his grandchildren, Bradley and Shayna; his brother, Donald (Marilyn), and numerous nieces and nephews. Being in the direction of Rare in 1986, Hochberg was there to strengthen the relationship between Rare and Nintendo in the most successful times of both companies, with Rare releasing hit games on the NES like Battletoads, Wizards & Warriors, and RC Pro-Am.

Under the direction of Hochberg, Rare and Nintendo went on to build a great relationship, leading to the creation of the Donkey Kong Country, Banjo-Kazooie, and Killer Instinct series, to name just a few winners.

Although Hochberg walked away from Rare when the company was acquired by Microsoft in 2002, he put his efforts into philanthropic activities in education, helping to establish the Elementary and Secondary Schools Hochberg in Florida.

With his passing, the video game industry loses another incredible executive who helped pave the way for much of the best video game history.

Via: Shack News