Klif Blezinski pleads with Nexon to bring the LawBreakers shooter back from the dead

Cliff Blezinski left the gaming industry a few years ago, after having to shut down his studio, Boss Key Productions, and his first major game, LawBreakers. LawBreakers has been removed from Steam for years and is rarely talked about these days, however, CliffyB recently learned that Nexon now owns the franchise, and is hoping to convince them to bring it back.

LawBreakers came out in 2017, just a year after Overwatch, which was at the height of its popularity at the time. The game is emphasized as a more serious and skill-based hero shooter. However, it failed to attract much of the player base, with only 7.5k concurrent players during its launch month.

According to Cliff, Nexon now owns the rights to the game and hopes the publisher will revive the game. It was also recently revealed that another Boss Key game, Radical Heights, is now owned by Squanch Games, the studio that most recently rose to fame with High On Life. Radical Heights was the last attempt to save Boss Key Productions, delivering Battle Royale gameplay in line with industry trends at the time.

Whether or not LawBreakers will return remains to be seen. Given that the game hasn’t really achieved cult classic status, Nexon may not see much business sense in investing in the franchise.

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