Most read articles of the week – Dead Island 2 and negative reviews on Steam

Redemption after a decade of development hell? Even so, the story of Dead Island 2 could be called. In the past few days, a review was published on Games, we also played DI2 in GamesPlay, and we also covered games that went through development hell in the last Fight Club. And it must be added that it does not always end as well as in the case of the current Dead Island 2. It was not only in development for too long, but even several different studios took turns on it. And the result? The game probably won’t break any records and we probably won’t talk about it much in the Games of the Year, but in the end it’s a surprisingly competent, fun and solid game in every way. It is therefore not surprising that the review of Dead Island 2 easily became one of the most read articles of the week.

Most read articles of the week

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