New Conjuring movie and series confirmed

While previous updates on the main franchise of The spell were relatively disappointing, Warner Bros. Discovery’s CinemaCon presentation today brought some exciting news as it was confirmed that a fourth film in the central narrative would be on the way, which included the reveal of the title. The Conjuring: Last Rites.

This is just the latest update on the franchise this month, as it was revealed last week that a television series was in the works. The spell for HBO Maxthough only minimal details about the project were revealed, so it’s unclear what the TV series or upcoming fourth movie would explore.

The latest entry in the main franchise of The spell arrived in 2021 with The Conjuring 3: The devil made me do it. That installment marked the first chapter in the narrative not to be directed by James Wan, who had previously delivered The spell y The spell 2. Michael Chaves directed that third film, and while it is currently unknown who will direct Last RitesDavid Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick is attached to write it.

The film’s title will spark speculation as to whether this will be the final chapter in the franchise proper, as it brings an undeniable implication of its finality. With The devil made me do it getting a more disappointing reception from critics and audiences alike, we could certainly see the minds behind the franchise want to end the series on a high note. Fortunately, the nature of the premise and the expansive nature of these fights against the supernatural offer unlimited potential for expansion.

To date, the franchise has seen three main movies from The spellthree spin-off films in the series Annabellethe spinoff of the nun y The Curse of La Llorona de Chaves with connections to events of The spell. A sequel to the nun it’s also currently in production, confirming just how much life there is in the concept.

Details about the announced TV series have yet to be shared, so it’s unknown if that show will serve as a replacement for the big-screen franchise or if it will have connections to those movies. Since the franchise focuses on the investigations conducted by Ed and Lorraine Warren, we could also see a TV series that finds new actors to take on the roles of the Warrens instead of Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, as they go on supernatural quests every episode. .

Via: Comicbook