New Mac models appear leaked

Nicolás Álvarez shared his discovery on Twitter. “Mac14,8 Mac14,13 and Mac14,14 spotted in Find My configuration,” he writes. “I think they’re in a list of devices where ‘you left your device’ should be disabled, so it’s probably desktops (Mac Studio?).” In his next tweet, he shares a photo of the list, which also contains the previously published Mac14.3 and Mac14.12.

In his tweet, Álvarez refers to the Find My app, which is of course not necessary for desktop computers. The fact that these Mac models don’t use the Find My app is the only hint that they are desktops. Apple has switched to a new system to number its models.

Previously, the company used, for example, ‘MacBookAir10.1’, so it was immediately clear that it is a MacBook Air. Now Apple uses the name “Mac” for each model, taking the guesswork out of it.

Will Apple unveil the new Mac models at WWDC 2023?

It probably won’t be long before Apple officially announces these new Mac models. The Worldwide Developers Conference will take place again in June. According to Apple, this will be the largest edition ever. So it seems likely that Apple will unveil the new models during WWDC.

In addition, Apple is expected to finally unveil the Mixed Reality headset. There have been rumors for a while that the headset will be shown in the summer. The ‘biggest WWDC ever’ seems like a good time for this. New MacBooks would also be shown during the event.