Nintendo confirms "Switch 2"? A job posting announces a «next-gen» console

At this point Nintendo seems to have definitively come out: the Kyoto house has confirmed that it is already working on a peripheral that can collect the heavy legacy of Switcheffectively defining it as one piattaforma «next-gen».

As indeed had already been announced several times by the company, further upgrades should not arrive in the coming weeks compared to the OLED model (you can find it on Amazon) but the next update could represent a really new console.

It would now seem to all intents and purposes confirmed that the new platform will support all the features and catalog of Nintendo Switch Online: a first indication in this sense had already arrived from the CMA, but now it is from the same house as Super Mario that has arrived another important confirmation.

In fact, GoNintendo reports a new job offer from NERD (Nintendo European Research and Development)looking for a “Game Technologies R&D Engineer/Scientist” to work on the Switch and their new console.

«The goal is to aspire to cutting-edge solutions in these fields and surpass them, targeting current and next-gen Nintendo platforms.

It will be necessary to collaborate with developers to bring new technologies to market».

We recall that the NERD division mainly deals with support and test emulation on Nintendo consoles, suggesting once again that Switch Online app support will continue.

The job offer, which you can consult in its entirety at the following address, also refers to the sviluppo “Cross-platform”: the most probable hypothesis is therefore that the next console – which of course we do not know if it will really be called Switch 2 – could follow the example of the Xbox and PlayStation platforms, with a temporary cross-gen compatibility.

Alternatively, as journalist Jeff Grubb had already suggested, this “next-gen” console could actually be something in between, given the intention of don’t abandon the huge accumulated user with the first console.

Obviously we will keep you promptly updated on our pages as soon as we know more about it: in the meantime, we remind you that even a Pokémon leak had anticipated the arrival of a next-gen console, complete with a potential launch window.