Otaku fulfills his dream and marries Asuka from Evangelion

Otaku fulfills his dream and marries Asuka from Evangelion

The otaku we are referring to is called Xie Tien-Rong, is 35 years old, and lives in Hong Kong, China. It seems that after ending a relationship with a woman whom he considers extremely self-centered and full of unnecessary drama, he decided to “go out” with a reproduction of Asuka Langley from Evangelion.

Asuka’s reproduction is 158 cm tall and weighs 30 kg. The romance between the doll and Xie Tien-Rong culminated in a marriage that also includes a “daughter”, also in doll format.

Fuente: Xie Tien-Rong

The strange “romance” has been criticized by the community, however, the otaku fulfilled his goal of marrying his favorite anime character. Asuka is a doll that Xie can manipulate in the way she prefers and obviously, she doesn’t talk back. Next to an inanimate object, life is definitely how you want it to be, of course your problems of socializing, agreeing and negotiating perspectives in a relationship are over.

  Xie Tien-Rong marries an Evangelion character.
Fuente: Xie Tien-Rong

Some people also comment that the most important thing is that Xie is “happy” and apparently found peace in this way.

In China, an otaku marries his favorite anime character.
Fuente: Xie Tien-Rong

Asuka Langley and Xie Tien-Rong’s marriage could be envied and replicated around the world.

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Who is Asuka Langley Sōryū?

He is a fictional character which belongs to the Evangelion animated series, which was directed and scripted by Hideaki Anno. Production was handled by Studios Gainax.

Originally, the series consisted of 26 episodes that were released from 1995 to 1996.

Asuka is the pilot of unit number two and has German nationality.

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