PlateUp roguelite fun! It will arrive in physical format on PlayStation 5

With a collector’s edition in October.

Yogscast Games y Numskull Games have announced that PlateUp!an experience that mechanical mix of roguelite with a restaurantwill arrive in physical format at PS5 y Nintendo Switch he October 23 of this year.

In addition, it will also do so with the arrival of your Collector’s Edition. The special edition will include four exclusive minifigures inspired by the playable characters from the title. Here your trailer:

The game, which already has more than a million copies sold on PCpresents a fast-paced roguelite action and kitchen management experience for 1 to 4 players.

Players must manage a restaurant for 15 chaotic days. Cooking dishes and serving customers are only part of the job.

New equipment must also be unlocked for improve the establishment; get new utensils, add new dishes to the menu and much more.

PlateUp! It will arrive physically on PS5 and Switch on October 23 of 2023.

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