Players missed rumple dunk in Hogwarts Legacy – now the wizarding sport is getting its own game

The role-playing game Hogwarts Legacy garnered very good reviews after its launch this winter. One of the few points of appeal was the lack of hype, but now it turns out that Warner Bros. had other plans for the wizarding sport.

Together with developer Unbroken Games, Warner this week unveiled Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions, which has been in development for several years. It will be a stand-alone rumple dunk game, with a focus on competition and online multiplayer.

The developer explains that Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions offers matches between two players or two teams of multiple players. How many teammates you can have is not revealed, but all play takes place online.

The article continues below the Twitter message.

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions has not been given a release date, and apart from PC it has not been confirmed which platforms it is being developed for. Admittedly, some fans do not have to wait forever to be able to test the scheme, which begins testing already at the weekend.

Interested players can register via the game’s website for the chance to participate in both this and future test phases.

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