PlayStation 5: According to insiders, a big showcase event may be imminent

As early as next month we could Sony with a fresh one Showcase-Event of PlayStation to surprise. After the first rumors appeared at the beginning of April, the date is now becoming more and more likely with fresh insider statements.

A few weeks ago, Jeff Grubb from Giantbomb revealed that the next one PlayStation 5 showcase the second phase of Sony’s next-gen consoles before the Summer Game Fest, which takes place on June 8th. Now he gets even more specific.

New PlayStation 5 Showcase in May? That’s what Jeff Grubb says

Grubbs has already been trusted in the past, as he correctly predicted Sony’s first presentation this year. Now, in the course of the Game Mess Mornings podcast (via Gamingbolt), he commented on the new PlayStation showcase, which he is quite certain to expect in the coming weeks.

“I would probably say with relative certainty that [das Showcase] coming in May, but basically I’ll keep talking about it happening before Summer Game Fest because that’s just the safest way to say it,” Grubb explains on the podcast. It continues, “But yeah, May, maybe a lot very early June, which seems like the right timeframe for the PlayStation Showcase to me.”

Meanwhile, excited PlayStation fans are discussing what the showcase might actually be about. Because Sony has not revealed specific game titles to date. A presentation of the new Marvel blockbuster is suspected from many sides Spider-Man 2 (which could be coming as early as September) or des Multiplayer-Ableger des The Last of Us-Franchise.

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