PlayStation 5: Why an individual key assignment of your DualSense controller can be worthwhile

With the release of the PlayStation 5 in 2020, Sony delivered the right pad directly with it: The DualSense Controller offers everything you need for exciting gaming sessions in front of the TV. It leaves nothing to be desired and offers a number of customization options.

A particularly cool customization option is the ability to key assignment des PS5-Controllers individually to design. In this way, you ensure that the “button press” feels “right” in every conceivable situation and at the same time improves your overall gaming experience. You can find out how to reassign the buttons on the DualSense below.

Individual key assignment of your PS5 controller: What are the advantages?

Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles, as well as the Nintendo Switch, all offer different controllers with their own unique button bindings. Have you been playing a relatively excessive title in the last few weeks, for example the role-playing spectacle that offers numerous hours of play Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch, and then want to switch to your PS5, this may present you with difficulties. Because the DualSense controller is not necessarily similar to that of the switch and so it happens that you may be wrong about the buttons every now and then.

Sure, it takes a few hours or days to get used to it and you’ll be completely familiar with the buttons of your controller again. However, if you change the console you play on more regularly, it can quickly happen that you mess up the buttons. This can be remedied by an individual allocation, so that you always get the same inputs. This works extremely well with the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller.

But this is only an advantage. On top of that, it can be helpful to redistribute hard-to-reach but frequently used bindings to another button that is easier to reach with your fingers. So don’t torment yourself any longer and simply take your key assignment into your own hands from now on.

And this is how it works

Within the accessibility settings of your PlayStation 5 it is easily possible to remap the buttons of your DualSense controller. To do this, follow these basic steps: 1. Open your PS5’s System Settings via the gear icon. 2. Navigate to the menu item “Accessibility”. 3. When you arrive here, under the item “Controller” you decide for the “custom key assignment” and activate it. 4. Now you can use the “Customize button assignment” tab to make an individual assignment for your DualSense controller, for example by swapping the X button with the circle button. 5. Finish the process by pressing “Apply”.

Change key bindings for a single game

If you only want to assign individual keys to your PlayStation 5 controller for a specific game, that’s also child’s play. This ensures that you can make more precise adjustments and are not affected by the changes in every game. Alternatively, as mentioned above, you can also change the key assignment directly in the game, which is then only adopted for the respective game. By the way, you can also swap the right and left analog stick via the customized button assignment.

If you are looking for even more customization options, you may be happy with the PS5 Pro Controller. Elsewhere we explain to you what the differences between the DualSense Wireless and the improved DualSense Edge Controller of the PlayStation 5 lie at all. We also have a number of other worthwhile ones Handles ready for you, your gaming experience with the PS5 can improve immensely.

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