PlayStation doesn’t want leaderboards dominated by games that are always the same and live services

With video games becoming more and more articulated, driven by increasingly advanced technical departments, obviously it also goes hand in hand the growth of their production costs (and therefore promotion, because you don’t want your expensive project to go quietly). It is a process against which “we will crash”, according to CD Projekt, and which sometimes pushes publishers to invest in the so-called “safe used”.

Whether it’s remakes of beloved products, remastering them, or sequels that change little or nothing from the previous game — to the point that in some cases they’re even annual — the industry has learned to secure the revenue that allows it. to spend these figures in a more or less sustainable way. We also think about model of live service gamespursued by tons of publishers (not always successfully) looking for persistent revenue.

Second Shuhei YoshidaPlayStation veteran who today takes care of finding talent for Sony, however, the future where the most successful games are always the same – because no one takes risks on the creative front – or are simply games as a service is not exactly desirable.

Chatting about the possible contribution of artificial intelligence to the development to the microphones of The Guardian, Yoshida underlined the importance of rewarding the creative flair behind a project, the fact that uniqueness can always emerge – however the work is then created.

“The video game industry will never cease to be a fun place,” said Yoshida, asked at his BAFTA awards. “The industry keep growing and growing, i hope you continue to support and chase the creative ideas and the people who they try to work on something new» he underlined.

Because, if this were not the case and only what is already working was pursued because, with growth, you can no longer afford to take risks on the economic side, we would be facing a rather monotonous future.

«You never want to see a top 10 video game list that is nearly identical every year, or all games that become live services. In my opinion it would be a bit boring» ha chiuso yoshida.

And how can you blame him?