Propagation: Paradise Hotel is a survival horror designed for Meta Quest, Steam VR and PlayStation VR2

Propagation: Paradise Hotel allows absolute immersion thanks to VR technology.

Propagation VRas its name implies, is a title developed to be played with VR technology, and it is available for free on Steam. WanadevStudioits developer, is closing the last details of Propagation: Paradise Hotel, the sequel that is scheduled for release on May 4 for use with Meta Quest and Steam VR. Later, the PlayStation VR2 version will arrive.

“For us as an independent game studio, Propagation: Paradise Hotel is a unique project. We want to offer players a truly immersive experience, with a deep and moving story. We wanted to do something more than just a zombie game,” he said. Nola Speckthe game’s production manager.

In the game, which turns out to be a first-person survival horror, we are going to get into the skin of Emily Diaz, while we desperately search for our sister inside the Paradise Hotel, after whom the game is named. What might seem like a simple game of hide-and-seek becomes complicated when a dangerous disease infects all the hotel’s inhabitants and turns them into ferocious creatures.