Resident Evil Death Island is «the Avengers of Resident Evil», according to one actor

Resident Evil Death Islandthe next feature film dedicated to the Capcom franchise, will bring together for the first time all the cast of main characters of the saga in a way that, reveals Stephanie Panisellowill make it l’Avengers di Resident Evil.

A bit like the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes of the Marvel worldwho saved universes in the cinematic saga (on Amazon), the heroes of the Capcom saga will also reunite in a epic feature film.

In fact, the fans have already chosen the trashiest moment shown by the first trailers, demonstrating the fact that Resident Evil Death Island it has no intention of being morigerato.

Undoubtedly the fanservice will dominate the film, so much so that some fans have even realized that, perhaps, it could also have been tighter with the cast.

You must know, in fact, that if the cast of Capcom characters has never come together so far, that of voice actors has always been very united.

This was revealed by Stephanie Panisello, voice actress of Claire da Resident Evil 2 Remake onwards, who in a recent interview recounted his experience in the reprise the character in Death Island.

“I’m super excited that we can finally see my version of Claire and her brother together,” says Panisello.

The actress also tells how it was share this path in the Capcom franchisewhich led her to meet all the rest of the cast:

“Reuniting is really cool and it will be exciting to see it on the big screen, as I’m sure everyone is. I keep hearing that it looks like the Avengers from Resident Evil and in a way it is. You think, “Oh my god, all of our favorite people are together,” and I felt the same way when they called me.”

Panisello says that, due to the Covid-19 restrictions during the time they recorded the audio tracks, the actors were never able to meet in person, although their characters did.

However, since we know you’re thinking so, the answer is no, there’s still no information on a possible one remake of Code Veronica. Stephanie Panisello says she’s ready to do it when and if Capcom calls her, but there’s no official information.

Speaking of actors, lately the interpreter of Leon in Resident Evil 4 Remake revealed some interesting background on content that was about to be cut.

While, speaking of films, the “classic” film saga could return soon, according to information.