Sci-fi RPG Consortium gets a remaster. You can try it now

Futuristic action-adventure RPG Consortium unfolded a detective story in front of you in which you investigated a murder on the gigantic ship C-3800-D Zenlil. The game was fun at its core, but the technical side threw too many sticks under my feet. However, the upcoming remaster, which the developers from Interdimensional Games recently announced, could solve this problem.

All owners of the original game can try it out. If you are one of them, just follow the instructions published on Steam. The full remaster should be released sometime this year and will be free for all owners of the original title, which disappeared from the Steam and GOG platform stores along with the announcement of the upgraded version.

But to make sure the news wasn’t enough, a separate version for virtual reality arrived in early access, which you can buy for 29.99 euros (until the end of April with a 21% discount).

Meanwhile, the sequel, Consortium: The Tower, continues to remain in Early Access. However, the creators did not resent the game, and work on it will continue after the release of the full version of Consortium VR.