Steam gives you a new game for free, but you’re short on time

Steam has decided to surprise its users with a new free game redeemable: it is a title currently still under development, therefore available in Early Access.

All users who have an account on the Valve home store can download at no additional cost Locked In Mindan adventure in style escape room in which users will be asked to solve numerous puzzle.

It is therefore a production suitable for those who want to solve puzzles using a keyboard and mouse (find a wide selection of gaming mice on Amazon), but which will be available for free for a limited time only.

The developers have in fact announced that, following the latest update that arrived on April 24, the title will stop being offered for free but will become paid.

Of course, this change will only affect new fans, as everyone has already added Locked In Mind to their profile they will continue to be able to play it for free whenever they want.

In the absence of a real official date, we can therefore only advise you to take advantage of this opportunity before it’s too late: you can redeem this new free Steam game at following addressby simply clicking on the “Start game” to start downloading it.

If you are looking for more free games to download on PC, we remind you that starting today a new freebie will be available on Game Pass.

We take this opportunity to remind you that two free games are still available on the Epic Games Store, with the next freebies that should instead be released regularly starting tomorrow.

Finally, if you are subscribed to the Amazon home subscription, don’t forget to check all the freebies offered by Prime Gaming: last week even 4 titles were offered as a gift to download on PC.