Street Fighter 6 is getting new DLC characters

For example, Rachid from Street Fighter 5 will be the first available DLC character. He’s coming to the game in Summer 2023, followed by newcomer AKI in Fall, Ed from SF4/5 in Winter 2024, and finally Fighter II Turbo’s Akuma in Spring 2024. Currently, the DLC announcement trailer shows characters only artwork of the characters. It was previously announced that the beloved characters Guile and Ryu could already be played in the game anyway.

World Tour Mode

Earlier this week, the free demo of Street Fighter 6 was also made available to players on the PlayStation. In it, players can explore part of the challenging World Tour Mode and try out certain modes in Fighting Ground. In addition, players can take advantage of the extensive Avatar creator to build their own fighter, which can be imported into the full game upon release on June 2, 2023 and challenge their friends. Also, the DLC’s Fighters will be added to the new World Tour mode, allowing players to interact with them, use their moves for their own avatar and perfect their own playstyle.

The Street Fighter 6 demo is currently available for the PS5 and PS4 and will be available on Steam, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One starting April 26.