Street Fighter 6: the showcase video and all the details

During the Street Fighter 6 Showcase held yesterday, new information was shared about the game including new details on the World Tour, custom avatars, accessibility features, the Year 1 roadmap, and a demo available today on PlayStation5 and PlayStation4, arriving on Xbox and Steam on April 26.

For those who missed it and would like to recover it, here is the full video (32:40 minutes):

Below is an official summary of the features, announcements and news on the gameplay side:

Welcome to the World Tour: During the showcase a new World Tour location called Nayshall, a developing nation tucked away in a remote corner of Asia. Here you will meet iconic Masters and experience the world of Street Fighter with your own custom avatar as you take to the streets of Metro City, Nayshall and other locations around the world in this new single player story mode. A number of RPG elements have also been introduced. You can consume items and food during battle or in restaurants to recover vitality, acquire buffs or inflict debuffs. As you level up your avatar, you’ll earn skill points to spend in a skill tree to further customize your bespoke moveset. Become a student of your favorite Masters, including all 18 characters available at launch, by acquiring their style and learning their special moves. Increase your ties with Masters by giving them gifts and completing quests. You’ll unlock new footage as you make personal connections with these legendary fighters.
Show your style with your own custom Avatar: create your own unique character in World Tour and then head to Battle Hub to join battles against other players online. Use your avatar with Dhalsim’s fighting style, Zangief’s Screw Piledriver and Ken’s Hadoken or any other combination of skills you learned in the World Tour to show your personal fighting style.
Innovation in Accessibility: Street Fighter 6 is committed to supporting greater accessibility with innovative sound design that tells you how far you are from your opponent, the level of attacks, whether an attack is a cross-up, how much Drive Gauge is left and more. For newcomers and veterans alike, there are tutorials, character guides, and enriched combo trials, providing a solid foundation for each character. Our third Control Type, alongside Classic and Modern, is Dynamic, where you can unleash a character’s flashy moves by pressing the auto-attack button and having the AI ​​assist your attacks and combos.

Classic Fighting Experiences with a little spice: Arcade mode is a single player mode where you will face the computer and learn more about each fighter’s story. Complete Arcade Mode with each character to unlock and view beautiful artwork in the Gallery. Your scores can also be uploaded to online leaderboards. Play against other players or against the computer by creating a team of up to 5 characters and customize the Match Format to your liking, such as Single Elimination, Doubles, and Teams. Extreme Battle introduces sets of rules that you will have to follow, along with fun features like Running Bulls or our special version of the hot potato. Play Extreme Battle to learn more about the basics of the game or to wreak havoc at a party.
Play online against other players by creating a custom room. The four virtual cabinets in the room can be set to One on One, Extreme Battle or Training. Custom Rooms can now include up to 16 players at a time and make Online Training and Match Spectating easier than ever.
Compete against the whole world: They come back Ranked Matches and have taken steps to reduce the pressure of losing a match in certain ranks. First, we’ve added a one-time protection feature for those at Diamond rank and below. After that, Rookies will no longer lose League Points on a loss to encourage online play. Finally, Iron-Gold and Maestro level players will not incur League relegations. Each character also has their own individual rank, so trying out new characters in ranked matches is more accessible than ever.
It’s not over: To celebrate the entire Street Fighter franchise, we’re introducing the Battle Damage feature. During fights, characters will sweat more, develop cuts and bruises, along with other signs of heated battles appearing on their faces and clothing. This will only be available in some offline modes and can be turned off in Settings. We’ve shown how players can create a club in the Battle Hub to play with friends and find like-minded players. Customize your Club emblem and create a uniform that only your Club members can show off.
Get ready for Year 1 with four new characters: Rashid, who debuted in Street Fighte V, returns in Summer 2023. The enigmatic AKI joins the roster in Fall 2023. Ed, the young commander from Street Fighter V, also returns to the attack at the start of the winter 2024. And finally, the legend himself, the beast, the transcendent Akuma will be unleashed in Street Fighter 6 in spring 2024. All four of these characters will be included as Masters in the World Tour after their release and are also included in the Deluxe and Ultimate editions of Street Fighter 6.

We remind you that Street Fighter 6 will be released on June 2 on PC via Steam, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. A demo of the game is also available from today for PS4 and PS5, but from April 26 it will be possible to try Street Fighter 6 firsthand also on PC and Xbox consoles. For more information, here our specific news.