Teaser trailer for Alpacalypse, the horror comedy that turns out to be the spiritual successor to Llamageddon

Perhaps following in the footsteps of Black Sheep, Howie Dewin made Llamageddon in 2015, and now he comes with Alpacalypse.

Well. Apparently, someone filmed a movie whose title is They’re called (Flame + Armageddon) and, not content with that, now he made another movie using the same play on words, but with another animal: Alpacalypse (Alpaca + Apocalypse, in case you didn’t understand).

The creator of this unprecedented film crap is called Howie Wizard, who recently said: “To all of our loyal Llamageddon fans, thank you so much! We wouldn’t be here without you, your support means the world to us! Thank you thank you thank you! It is thanks to your support that we are proud to bring you Alpacalypse! We just need a little financial help to bring this monstrosity to the big and small screens.”

The film has an active campaign on Indiegogo (where they intend to reach a million dollars), in addition to the teaser trailer that we leave above. In case you’re interested, the official synopsis reads: “A failed scientific experiment turns disastrous when a group of genetically modified alpacas escape from the laboratory. As his powers increase, so does his furry fury. No one is safe in this woolly terror, will you survive the ALPACALYPSE?