Teslagrad 2 surprisingly available on PC and consoles

Presented during the Indie World broadcast by Nintendo yesterday evening, Teslagrad 2 has already been released as a surprise not only on Switch, but also on PC and on PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

Teslagrad 2 follows the story of young teslamant Lumina, who crashes with her airship on Wyrmheim, a remote and brutal Nordic wilderness. Lumina finds herself exploring a huge abandoned tower overlooking a fjord valley to find a way back home to her family. Using her electromagnetic powers, the young teslamant must try to survive in this wild and brutal land. Below is the official description of the game: “Defend yourself from Viking raiders, she faces terrible creatures inspired by Norse mythology and defeat epic bosses! As you progress in your adventure, you will discover new skills and equipment that will allow you to unlock the secrets of this inhospitable territory and immerse yourself in the dark past of Lumina’s ancestors.”

That’s not all, though, as Modus Games and Rain Games they also released Teslagrad Remasteredrevised and corrected version of the first chapter of the series.

This new version of the game also comes with 10 additional challenging levels. Teslagrad 2 and Teslagrad Remastered, in addition to being purchasable separately, are included in the Teslagrad Power Pack Edition, which includes both video games.