Test: Monster Hunter Rise – Sunbreak

Elgado here we come!

While the hardened monster hunters in the main game had to protect the small village of Kamura from dragons, lizards, huge bears and other adversities, new trouble awaits in Sunbreak: the cozy port city of Elgado also has a problem with vermin that are significantly too large and is asking the Hunters Guild for help. Of course, the choice of the right exterminator for this dangerous mission falls on the player at the gamepad. Ideally, he can once again count on the active online support of his hunting squad. So Gundis, Lizelle and Sir Kluest once again shoulder their proven weapons, such as double blades, hammer and switch-axe, and set off on the journey by ship.

The brand new monster Astalos throws out dangerous green lightning bolts. In addition, the player is forced to attack by a penalty.

Arriving in Elgado, the village elder explains that a threatening phenomenon has been making its way through the jungle and the nearby temple complexes for a short time: once in harmony with nature, the monsters living there suddenly seem to go completely nuts and must be stopped at all costs will overrun the village. Before they can start, the hunters take a look around the tidy village square and note with benevolence that everything is a little closer together than it was in Kamura. The constant visits to the blacksmith, various cats, the dealer or the cook are now even faster and easier to manage. No important contact person is more than 25 meters away from the starting point. This innovation alone makes the troop jump for joy, but only a look at the list of monsters to be hunted sparks complete enthusiasm.

The endgame of the endgame

The Cancer Monster's armor has good stats until it's complete, should it take a few tries.

The Cancer Monster’s armor has good stats until it’s complete, should it take a few tries.

Because the hunters in the main game have laboriously plowed through low and high rank tasks, Sunbreak is exactly what all monster hunters want: the master rank, which was formerly known as G-rank. On the one hand, this means that leveling – at least in theory – can come to an end. The material, such as weapons and armor from the high rank is now as good as useless after a few warm-up monsters, but the new armour, weapon upgrades and decorations motivate you from the very first minute to finally start making a to tinker almost perfect fighter that is up to any challenge. It will of course be a rocky and lengthy road to get there. If you have 500 or more hours left, however, you should get closer to this goal step by step. In the Master Rank, however, there is not only new equipment, all monsters that the players encounter in the course of the story in the side quests have learned a maximum. All beasts have new, previously unseen attack maneuvers, last much longer and move even more quickly in battle than their twins from the main game. And in addition to well-known monsters, such as the pitiful poisonous lizard Pukei-Pukei, the mighty Rathalos, the hissing Nagarcuga and Zinogre and many more, the addon also celebrates many new – and yes, this also means completely unknown creatures – for the first time It makes its debut in the long-running game series.

These are not only well designed, shine with really fantastically worked out movements and attacks and inspire with crazy armor and weapon sets, but are also visually oriented towards somewhat more comprehensible figures. Because the flying snakes Narwa and Ibushi, which represented the bosses from the main game, looked more like foreign bodies in comparison. With Sunbreak there are around 30 new beasts, plus of course all the monsters from the main game. And in this special case, it’s actually a good thing that the addon for PC and Switch has been available for some time: Because the free updates that have already been released are already included in the versions for Playstation and Xbox up to Title Update 3. Episodes 4 and 5 will be submitted later in the summer – and by then there’s a lot more to do than you can actually handle.