The Flash Debuts An Exciting New Trailer To Fire Up Emotional Engines

The Flash Debuts An Exciting New Trailer To Fire Up Emotional Engines | EarthGamer

Just as previous trailers predicted, The Flash will introduce us to the titular hero traveling back in time to save his parents. However, this time disturbance will send the entire universe into chaos. Which will apparently undo everything we knew about DC since Man of Steel.

In addition to giving us a look at different action scenes, this trailer seems to foreshadow a darker tone. It also indicates that we will fully enter the psychology of Barry Allen and his internal struggle after learning what he did. Not to mention, it sets up an interesting dynamic with Michael Keaton’s Batman.

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This trailer for The Flash revs up the thrills to maximum power. It seems that it will be a tape that will have everything, including a good dose of nostalgia. We’ll see what it holds for us and how it will connect with the future of DC in the cinema. Did this trailer get you excited?

When does The Flash come out?

The Flash is scheduled to premiere on June 16, 2023. This tape will mark the restart of the DC universe due to the havoc that Barry Allen will cause in the time line. In fact, James Gunn mentioned that he is very excited about this film and that it is one of the best superhero films he has seen.

Source: Warner Bros.

In the main role we have Ezra Miller, who returns after playing him in Suicide Squad and Justice League. He is joined by actress Sasha Calle as Supergirl in her first film appearance. Finally we have Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton as two different variants of Batman. All under the direction of Andy Muschietti, who gave us both of the most recent adaptations of It. Do you think it’s as good as Gunn claims?

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