The God of War and Horizon series will have the same quality as The Last of Us, according to its producer

The Last of Us has managed to sneak in among the greatest hits of HBO and of the season; so much so that the series managed to be listed as one of the best premieres in the history of the platform. Something that has caused many people to have sky-high expectations with the rest of the productions that PlayStation has in the oven, such as, for example, the God of War and Horizon series; these two being the ones that will occupy our attention along these same lines.

Cataloged with total success by my buddy David like my biggest wet dream (because it is) the God of War series was announced a few months ago with the promise of creating something that will satisfy all fans of the video game saga. But the thing is, there’s also a Horizon franchise in production. But, Will these last two be as good as The Last of Us? That’s what its producer said.

You should not be afraid with the God of War and Horizon series

The information comes from Asad Qizilbash (via Comic Book), which corresponds to the leader of PlayStation Studios, the division of Sony in charge of producing series and films of its franchises 👈🏻 This ensures that God of War and Horizon series will receive the same treatment as The Last of Us ✅ Among other things, refers to the fact that they will be very faithful to the games in which they are inspired ✅ However, it also highlights that they will look for opportunities to tell new things beyond the plots of the latter ✅ For this reason, we can expect that in these series we will be told events that They weren’t narrated in their games, which adds extra interest, if you ask me.

When are the God of War and Horizon series coming out and what will they consist of?

The good thing is that it is now clearer that these series will be heavily inspired by the stories told in their respective games. The bad thing is that it is still unknown when they will end up seeing the light. The only thing that is known is that they will be released on Amazon Prime and on Netflix (God of War and Horizon respectively), so I will be attentive to any news that arises about them to tell you how the situation is evolving.