The great survival Grounded got a massive package of new content

Years ago, when RPG masters Obsidian announced that they were going to make backyard mini-kid survival, many of us just rolled our eyes, but in the end we had to admit that it was an extremely cool and fun thing to do. Including me – I couldn’t tear myself away from Grounded and gave it a nine in the review. The creators now present a compelling reason to consider a return to the garden wilderness.

Update 1.2 was added to the game and brought a large package of news. Builders will certainly rejoice over the new helper, the fly, which you can control and with its help build at inaccessible heights, on hard-to-reach ledges and the like. Newly, it will also be possible to construct larger areas at once, to move walls that have already been laid, and so on. But this only applies to creative mode, in survival mode you still have to manually grind your base.

In addition, survival will be difficult for the newly arrived representatives of the insect kingdom. The terror of gardens and meadows, the bringer of ruin to picnics and barbecues, the bane of sitting outside with a beer and the second most useless creature in the world (the first, the mosquito, is already in the game): Wasp! You’ll come across the nests in the upper yard, and the bravest can also compete with the new boss, the wasp queen. You can then craft a set of armor and weapons from the defeated membrane-winged monsters.

source: Obsidian

Even chronic decorators will benefit – the bases have been given a coziness meter, which grows together with the number of ornaments and furniture placed. The principle is borrowed from Valheim, but hell, it works great. The more care you give to your mansion, the better bonuses it will reward you and unlock more decorations. In total, there should be more than a hundred new decorative items.

In addition, a Superdupermachine has been added, which duplicates objects in exchange for raw science, and a new universal tower as a replacement for the removed pollen and pebble throwers. Now only one firing structure will take care of the defense of the base, but you can load it with several types of ammunition as you like. You can also look forward to a number of new perks, mutations and other improvements. You can read the complete list of news and changes on the official website.

In celebration of the new update, you can play Grounded for free this weekend. In addition, the game is currently on Steam at a 25% discount, which could please those players who would like to pack the garden adventure on their travels – because the title now also officially supports playing on the Steam Deck. In addition, it is also available in Game Pass.