The Mario movie breaks records! Has earned the most of all theatrical films in 2023

After five days on the big screen, The Super Mario Bros. Movie managed to set a new record. Variety reports.

The animated film based on the well-known gaming universe has so far collected NOK 5.1 billion. This makes it the highest-grossing theatrical film of 2023 so far on a global basis, and the biggest film based on a game ever.

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Smashed Frozen 2 in five days

During the first five days, the film collected NOK 3.9 billion, thus already then becoming the biggest launch for an animated film ever. The red-clad plumber grabs the record trophy from Frozen 2, which previously held the record with NOK 3.7 billion in the same period of time.

The critics have not completely agreed that the film hits the mark, and right now the film sits with 58 percent positive reviews from the critics at Rotten Tomatoes, against 96 percent positive reviews from users.

Our reviewer thinks the film offers beautiful animations and solid use of the Mario universe. But even though he points out that the film is primarily for the youngest, he had some things to pick on.

– The film is nevertheless marked by its rather short playing time in that it generally moves a little too fast all the time, which both dialogue and character development suffer as a result. For example, it never feels natural that Mario suddenly becomes a central part of the long-running conflict between Bowser and the Mushroom Kingdom, and I never manage to be gripped by the personal relationship between the two brothers, he wrote in his review.

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Watch the trailer for the Mario movie.