Victoria 3: Voice of the People introduces the historical shakers

Paradox Interactive presented the first DLC of Victoria 3 titled Voice of the People. It is an add-on inspired by the struggles between reformists, reactionaries and revolutionaries of the 19th century by introducing over 60 historical agitators.

Thanks to the brand new agitator system real characters will be added who will fight for their ideals in the nation ruled by the player. Among them we will find the American abolitionist John Brown, the German socialist Rosa Luxembourg, but also one of the founding fathers of the Italian nation, that is Giuseppe Mazzini. These historical figures will appear in a country to build their power base and promote changes to help or hinder the player’s plans.

The historical agitators may be co-opted within the state making them leaders of an interest group or placing them in command of troops. Alternatively, those most dangerous who risk undermining the stability of the nation can be exiled. It will also be possible to invite exiles from other peoples to promote their programs in their own society, thus gaining a potential advantage in supporting advanced reforms.

Victoria 3: Voice of the People will be released on PC on May 22, 2023 and will be sold for €14.99.