What will the PS Plus Essential games be for May 2023?

It’s almost the end of April again and so we’re eagerly awaiting the announcement of the free games that Sony will be giving away to PS Plus Essential subscribers. Which games will it be this month? PS Plus Essential subscribers get a minimum of 2 but usually 3 free games each month to claim, two of which are playable on PS4 and one on PS5. It was previously announced that Sony has Extra Humanity in store for PS Plus, which will also be playable on PSVR 2. Perhaps that means that Sony has more VR compatible games in store?

We are already looking at which games may be in the PS Plus line-up for May 2023.

Many gamers hope that this game will one day appear on PS Plus. This game, created by John Wick creator Derek Kolstad, is all about revenge, just like John Wick. You play as the child of a sifu, a master of a martial arts school who seeks revenge against his father’s murderers.

Thanks to a magical talisman, he comes back to life every time he dies, but he grows a bit older. A special mechanism, so that despite your virtually immortal status, you can not handle your life too rough. Sifu is now over a year old and is starting to become a good candidate for PS Plus. The game is also playable on both PS4 and PS5.

Sifu is the second game from the developer Sloclap, after coming first with Absolver.

This game from Hello Games had a rather rough start all the way back to 2016. Those days are far behind us and Hello Games has been completely rehabilitated. Where the game originally lacked quite a few features, the game is now overcomplete and is still getting expansions and patches. The game has also been ported from PS4 to PS5 and has even received a PSVR 2 release, free for those who own the base game.

That makes this game an excellent contender for PS Plus Essential, especially because of the VR support. The game previously appeared on Game Pass. We therefore hope and expect that this game will soon appear in the PS Plus Essential line-up.

Whoever hears the name of this game might think that this is a rythm game, or at least revolves around music. Nothing could be further from the truth, this is an isometric RPG with a lot of dialogue. You play as a detective with amnesia due to exuberant abuse of alcohol and drugs, while working on a murder case. Together with your partner Kim Kitsuragi you struggle through a murder mystery, which also regularly involves fighting. You don’t wave your fists, but you ‘fight’ on the basis of skill checks on intelligence, motor skills or psyche.

Disco Elysium was very well received in the reviews, in our review Arran gave the game a very nice nine! He called it ‘one of the most interesting and tightly written stories we’ve seen in a video game, which has a freedom and impact [biedt] which puts Telltale Games in a bad light anyway. [wij] enjoy this absurd spectacle.’

We would like to see Disco Elysium as an addition to the PS Plus Essential line-up.

The PS Plus Essential games for April 2023

This month, PS Plus subscribers can add three more games to their gaming library. Here are the games they can download for free until the end of April:

Tip: Do you want to be informed immediately when the games are available for free in the future? Put the games in your list of favorites now. You will then receive a warning as soon as the games are available for download! This also applies to games that go on sale or receive a permanent price reduction. So it’s a really easy way to hunt for bargains!

The free games for the various PS Plus variants are announced monthly. PS Plus Essential games always become available on the first Tuesday of the month and are announced the Wednesday before.

For PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium, they become available on the third Tuesday of the month and are announced the Wednesday before.