Why is PlayStation canceling so many games? Shuhei Yoshida responds

Shuhei Yoshida, current president of PS Indies, sheds some light on the innards of it

I don’t know if it happens to you too, but lately something curious has happened to me in this video game thing: I think I’ve started to be nostalgic; something that does not usually happen to me very often because I prefer to live in the present. But for a few months I long for that time when you didn’t have to wait between 4 years and two lifetimes for the game you’re wanting to play to be released; although it is also true that I understand that this happens because nothing is launched on the market in order to take care of the image of a company, PlayStation being the one I am going to focus on here.

The thing is that Shuhei Yoshida, one of the bosses of PlayStation has dropped some information about PlayStation that allow us to understand why he treats the release of his exclusive games with such care. Below I will tell you everything he has said so that you can have all the data as close at hand as possible.

Why doesn’t PlayStation release more games?

The information comes from an interview that the colleagues of the portal The Guardian they made Yoshida 👈🏻 He comments that in PlayStation Many ideas are born, but almost all of them end up failing ❗️ The manager commented that many prototypes are developed in the company, but they end up stopping so as not to waste time and resources on them

Yoshida says PlayStation cancels a lot of games ❗️ Even the manager comments that part of his job consists of convince developers to stop projects before things don’t go quite right

Who is Shuhei Yoshida exactly?

Shuhei Yoshida is a Japanese manager who served as director of SIE Worldwide Studios and has now become director of the indie division of PlayStation. He is one of the most beloved businessmen in the community for his ability to open up to people and the transparency with which he deals with things.

Knowing this now makes it much easier for me to understand why games are taking so long to arrive; although it is true that the latter is synonymous with the fact that the titles that launches PlayStation try to reach the highest levels of quality possible.